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M&M precision mechanics is specialized both in the mechanical drawing machining and in mechanical sample machining, through the use of traditional machinery combined with the most up-todate computer numerical control machines capable of managing the more complex processes.

Our company’s main focus is especially precision machining of mechanical parts and components, accessories and small metal parts and assembling mechanical units for several industrial sectors.

M&M was born in 2008 as a small craft enterprise and, thanks to the expertise acquired over the years in the field of industrial precision mechanics, it is nowadays a young and dynamic company capable of ensuring productive capacity and faithful to a business philosophy based on the quality of final products, thanks to the ability of its operators together with the use of leading edge technologies which allow a strong synergy between the technical department and the workshop.

Equipped with the latest machinery and 2D, 3D and kinematic motion simulation modelling softwares, thanks to the help of innovative design softwares Cad-Cam/HyperMILL, our mechanical workshop is effectively able to satisfy the needs of the various industrial sectors it is involved with and to keep up with a production system in which quality and delivery promptness are becoming more and more important.

After having experienced a variety of situations and requirements throughout the years and having realized the need to offer our customers a full range of services, we chose to equip our workshop with our own assembly department: here we put the mechanical components manufactured in our milling and turning departments together to assemble a completed mechanical unit. We provide prototypes, small, medium or large series, depending upon our customers’ needs.